Political Prisoner guest blog by Chad G.

So I came up with the political prisoner piece from pipes being illegal where I live (618). To me pipes are only illegal because of some kind of political agenda. I made a few smaller ones in the past. First I made an all clear one with an image of Illinois on it. The second one I made was black with a jump suite orange Sherlock in the cage.... I did however on the second one roll the bars in powder to get a sort of metal effect.... I was happy with them both because of what they were symbolic for, but they were not complete in the vision... So I made the third one and knew what I had to do so the true vision would come alive.... I had to call Brandon Martin to see if he would throw some electroform copper on there... He was excited, so in the mail it went... Some time later the Glassroots Art Show came up and I met up with Brandon who had brought the finished piece.... I loved it and what he did with the metalwork....To my suprise it also came with an amazing wood base that Brandon's pop had made. I believe from wood on their land. It also had a diffy from none other than Alex K and a fresh slide from Brandon... Mission complete... I love to see things manifest... I want to thank all who were involved for making the political prisoner come to life.... CG Chad G's website Buy Chad G glass online!

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