Boxfan x Salt, & Helix!

So three of the best have gotten together and created a dream series for customers, and a nightmare for the competition. BoxfanSalt, and Helix are not playing any games with this signature series edition. Each piece is crafted with unique creatures and details that certifies each one as unique. No two pieces look the same and all feature signature signs of each artist. Of course the function of the Helix design is still in each piece, creating that tornado cooling effect we're all familiar with. Some are solid one unit pieces, while others are able to broken down and bowls can we switched with a onie attachment. We also picked up the one of a kind three piece collab. This piece can be used as a bubbler, a dry, or a onie. It's kinda like a "everything you need" piece that can easily be broken down and travel ready. Although Im not sure if I'd let it out of my sight!        

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