Just last week we received our first shipment from BOOM FELAZI. After opening the package and getting a good look at the pieces I was very impressed. The glass is so clean and free from any of those little scratches or distractions. I first noticed the "stack" like form of the tubing and was curious about it' s actual name. I soon found myself on the phone searching for some basic background info about this sick new product. After mixing it up with Kevin I got the brief rundown on KD Distributors and the artist behind BOOM FELAZI. As it turns out the glass blower has been behind a few of the pieces Im sure some of you already own (or at least are familiar with)! He's been in the industry for 12+ years and now on their own. These pipes are hand worked and made in Southern California with all American glass. The "stacked" appearance comes from a carving technique and gives each piece a real classy look. As a matter of fact "classy" would be the best description for these pieces, all of which vary between 50 x 5mm - 50 x 9mm. They come with a variety perc styles. Gridded inline, up-line, and our favorite, the gridded crown perc. It's closest cousin would be an upside down shower head perc. We are proud to have BOOM FELAZI on our shelves and welcome you all to come visit and see for your-self what BOOM is all about!  

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