New Cap'n Crunk

While at the Glassroots show in Madison, Wisconsin we came across the work of Cap'n Crunk. Impressed by the various techniques used throughout a vast amount of work, we had to leave with something. After selecting items from the table, we placed our order and bounced. Once back in RVA we couldn't wait for the arrival of all the goodies purchased at the show. Im pleased to announce that we just opened our first ever Can'n Crunk order. Without any further ado here is what we got in. We picked up a few different slides in both 14 & 18mm, a personal favorite is the white and brown themed slide. We also picked up some really sick worked onies. The two headliners are the pipes with worked window sections. These have become instant favorites here at the shop. We invite you to come be the first to own a Cap'n Crunk piece out of our stores.

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