Nickelus F. Ditches the Dutch

For years and years and years I've been saying "I'm about to stop smoking". For starters, I'm not a fan of the looming foreshadow of possible future lung problems if I continue to smoke. So I decided first things first... Ditch the Dutch. The tobacco leaf, the heavy smoke…*smh* I had to find a cleaner way. I never was much of a waterpipe or bowl user so I decided I’d try papers. I got hooked up at Kulture with a bag of about 15-20 different types of papers from hemp, to rice, to clear cellulose papers, and those had been doing me just fine. I got to taste the tobacco a lot better and the smoke was a lot more delightful. But even then it's still smoke and smoke is harmful to the lungs. Now I had heard of vaporizers and I'd seen them on different sites and so forth, but I never imagined getting one because of the big air balloon I gotta fill up to use it. Then I still need to be somewhere that I can plug it in! It just seemed like too much work for me, although I liked the idea of vapor over smoke.
But then my life changed....
We were in Northern Virginia for a show. I walked up to the hotel room and was greeted with the new RUNRVA t-shirt and a glass of Hennesey. Then the homie Jimmy put me on to the product of a lifetime, The Magic Flight Launch Box. I was like "What the hell is that doo-dad right there?" Saying nothing Jimmy just filled the trench, pushed the battery in, handed it to me and said pull from here. The first pull had a very delectable taste and actually made me cough like a hard waterpipe hit. As I continued each hit, afterward was equally as flavorful. I was completely floored at this little box and the ability it had. I was furthermore impressed by the fact that there was no smoke because the plant never combusts. Just clean vapor. I told him I needed it beacause, it may help to prolong my life! LOL. I’ve already accepted the fact that it may be awhile before I fully decide to quit smoking but, with a vaporizer as compact and effective as the Magic Flight Launch Box is, Im sure that I can cut my actual smoking back by more than half, if not completely. I'm a true fan of The Magic Flight Launch Box. Thanks Kulture

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