Thanks Liquidation Warehouse!

Sometimes life can come at you quickly, which requires fast thinking and problem solving. Thus was the case last week when we had a tight deadline for our new ad. After discovering that we had one day to not only concept, shoot, & edit we were in a scramble. As luck would have it the day before while driving home from the grocery store I came across this unique treasure. Sandwiched between warehouses there is an ambiguity on what exactly Liquidation Warehouse is. After parking I proceeded inside and to my amazement found the most thrilling design pieces, fixtures, set displays, etc... I thought to myself "this place would be great for a photo shoot." So given the tight deadline I placed a call and asked permission to shoot our new ad and was given the green light. 

A few hours later I arrived ready to shoot and was greeted by the owner. We discussed his shared interest in Kulture and our product line. We chatted for some time and really got to learn about each others love for art and supporting local businesses. I really enjoyed his willingness to carry only the best & unique products for his customers. I also admired his excitement for his craft after many years in the biz and how he plans to never stop. I said to him "it appears our companies share the same business model." To which he replied, "well let's get to work!" In agreement we shook hands parted ways and I then had permission to use shoot at will. As they say the rest is history!

I would like to thank all those at Liquidation Warehouse. I highly recommend anyone looking for unique gifts to check them out at:     


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