AKM & G-Check's First Collaboration

Richmond is a city that shares bits and pieces of it's soul throughout the country. I like to think of it as a patchwork city who's modern geographic is woven together with quilt-like energy. Old, with roots that reach far beyond that of the James River, it's artist are sharing it's influence. It's hard not to talk about Richmond and not mention all of the great artistic talents that call this place home. The folks at Influence Glass are a perfect example of how RVA is forever in motion. Yesterday AKM stopped by the downtown location and brought a sick selection of new work. We picked up several pieces and got to mix it up with Andrew for a few. Several patchwork slides were picked out and of course some of his signature skull slides. We also picked up the very first AKM & G-CHECK collab. This hands bubbler is without a doubt a future classic. A milestone piece for any collection.      

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