You must have a sick collection of glass pipes!!!

People always ask about my collection. Some expect it to be ridiculous. I pick up pieces here and there. Luckily I spend everyday around Kulture's great selection. So I consider that part of my collection. Of course it is all for sale and sometimes I miss items once they're sold. Not shown in this video are the pipes I use on the regular. I'll save those for part 2 I guess! Maybe part three can be my vaporizers, LOL! I used to collect records pretty heavily. I have over 3000 and still do pick up vinyl from time to time, mostly 7 inches for my jukebox. Once at Plan 9 I was having trouble deciding which records to buy and which to put back. An employee said to me "you can't own them all". That was a long time ago, but I'll never forget it. Now I pass this advice on to you!

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