Illadelph Collabs Summer 2010 Kurt B & Hops

You should know by now that Pennsylvania is what's poppin' right now. They've got a bunch great sports teams in the state. You've got Philly glass artists like Sling, Snic, JAG, and Zach P killing it right now. Grit City Inc. is there in Philly too, continuing to document the art being made in the glass pipe scene with Smoked Vol. 2, released this Summer. Of course Wiz Khalifa out of Pittsburgh is one of the biggest breakout hip hop artists in recent memory. Wiz has been repping the Illadelph tubes and the Piña Colada papers hard. Thanks for sending us biz, Wiz! Illadelphs have been flying off the shelf lately! Illadelph did it real big this Summer too. I made it to Los Angeles this Summer for the Illadelph Gallery's Summer 2010 Collaboration Exhibition. I met Lace Face and ran into a couple familiar faces. Andy Milonakis was there too, but I didn't believe it was him. I was still stuck on the fact we almost ran Rosario Dawson over on the way there! While at the gallery, I picked up a Kurt B collab for Kulture. I must say, this is the coolest water pipe I've ever seen. It's got Kurt B's honey bear theme going on. The base has a yellow center which is wrapped in black. Kurt B's signature is blasted above and Illadelph's crest logo is blasted on the black 45mm joint for the coil. It comes with a disc diffused (circ) ash catcher. The a/c's can consists of a stack of black and yellow encalmos in the shape of bee's tail. The slide is multi-holed and in the shape of honey pot. It's look is authentic, complete with honey dripping over the edge and a honey label (enamel?) on the side. The coil contains a bee hive and the external marble used to seal the glycerin in contains a glass honeycomb. A cast glass honey bear tops the pipe above the coil. This shit is baller and my pick for pipe of the year! I also picked up a Hops harmonic inline coil for Kulture. It' didn't make it to the gallery in time for the exhibition. Hops sent it ground or something. But I bought it sight unseen, knowing well this was Illadelph's first coil with an inline as well as their first fixed stem. For those wondering what a harmonic inline is, it has two inline diffusers, one inside the other. The inline is massive and percolates like crazy. It's tagged with a blasted Hops' signature and a platinum Illadelph crest logo. The pipe is topped off with a cobalt coil which is capped by a dichro reticello marble. It also comes with a cobalt disc diffused a/c, custom made to fit the fixed stem.

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