Everest Glassworks Brings By Some Of That New New

 I got a call from Tony @ Everest Glassworks telling me he was in VA. He wanted to bring us some Everest items and talk over some dinner. So we met up at the Richmond location and he brought in some boxes containing Everest's latest creations. The biggest development is the "floating tree". On a fixed stem water pipe the smoke is usually fed through the side or the top of the 1st perc's cap. On this new design, the fixed stem is welded lower than on other brand's models. The bottom perc is fed from the bottom/center of the tree perc just like all 2nd chamber tree percs are done. This also keeps water out of the stem. Pretty novel! These are available in either a double tree or triple tree setup! 

  We were also shown a tube Eusheen had made in Everest's shop. What a stunner! Lots of sections and clean encalmos are iced by some ribbons and chunky marble with multiple reversals, a moonstone and Eush's signature floating on top. It's up on consignment and one of my new all time favorites. I've had a number of  all time favorite pieces come through Kulture in the past decade, but this is perhaps the win all, maybe a tie with another piece that's in the store right now. I'll leave you guessing on which that one is. 

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