Mike Rockwell on Gods of the Bobbleheads Radio Show

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Gods of the Bobbleheads radio show. Let me start by saying these guys hilarious, they asked if I could find some RVA talent and pick some songs out to play on the radio so, I hit my boy Michael Millions to come plug his "Ashes and Samples" CD  and gave Nickelus F a call to see if I could play some music off his "Season Premiere" CD. With everything set in motion I grabbed a pack of Piña Coladas and and rode out with Mike to the station. We talked about the shop what exactly we do with the store and our involvement with music in RVA. I wish the show was 3 hours long, I think we all could've talked for another solid hour on the hip hop scene in RVA right now. Thanks to Johnny, Dan and Drew and of course thanks to Mike Millions and Nickelus F for making the show a great one now go listen to it now! - Mr. Rockwell

Show 22 Rapstravaganza with Mike Millions and Mr. Rockwell.mp3

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