The summer sizzle has ran it's course and now comes the awakening of autumn. Hops starts the new season off with a series of blasted pipes all of which sport some specific reference to the time of year. How you ask? Well let me break it down as I see & relate. First is the coy fish designed piece that makes me think of how I always end up strolling around the Japanese Gardens at Maymont this time of year (with a date & or looking for one. no homo).  After which I like to follow up with a bite to eat at Sticky Rice just to keep with the theme and to make myself seem worldly & open minded. Next is the perfect Halloween piece for any collector. Hops gives us a series of images ranging from the grim reaper to the kings crown and both skull & bones. Need I even go into the reasons why this reminds me of the season. Trick or treat!


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