Keck Clips, Swiss Clips, Teflon Clips and Teflon Sleeves

I just love getting products that are useful to our customers. We've been carrying Keck Clips for a number of years now. Mostly the 14mm and 19mm. We just got in a number of new sizes to keep up with the current trend in the scientific pipe industry of using bigger joint sizes. So if you have a Sheldon Black, a Luke Wilson, or another pipe that has a 24mm, 29mm, or 45mm joint fitting, look for the clips to fit them at Kulture. A mention of Swiss Clips by Karl at Termini Tubes got me on the hunt for some of the rare metal Keck Clips. They're superior to the POM plastic Keck Clips in chemical and temperature resistance. The chrome clips look pretty baller too, especially on a Killadelph or anything all clear or with black ground joints. While on the hunt I also picked up some Teflon (PTFE) clips. These clamp in the same way the original clips do. They just have a smoother look and feel, plus a slightly different design. My favorite new items are the Teflon (PTFE) sleeves. I originally heard about these from Scott at Honalee. After a year of anticipation, I found my own source. They're at a better price than most websites offer and best of all, they prevent stuck glass joints. The thickness of the sleeves is just 0.05mm and they fit between the ground joints. I also picked up some rigid sleeves, which are .2mm thick and function the same way, preventing frozen GONG joints!

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