ROOR Double Chamber, Triple Chamber and Dale Sommers Custom

I think this is what we've all been waiting for. ROOR multi chamber pipes and ROOR Customs. Now both are in stock at Kulture. The triple chambers are available in both straight and beaker. They have a unique tree perc design. The 4 arms of the tree perc are positioned in only one hemisphere of the waterpipe. This allows all the tree arms to percolate, while letting the user lean the tube back. This makes perfect sense! Remember when there were no percs and you didn't have to stand above your water pipe to use it? Well you may sit back on the couch again!

   We also picked up a couple customs featuring work by Dale Sommers. ROOR USA called these ROOR Kustoms, but that spelling seems to no longer be in use. There is a 14" straight with black banded double section that uses the Jade and Steel Wool color scheme Dale has been doing lately. We also picked up a double chamber with a similar double section banded in Light Cobalt. The double chamber features the same lean back lazy boy tree perc design. 

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