ROOR is back at Kulture!

Imagine you have a pet you love, but that pet always seems to run away. Maybe weeks, months or years later that pet returns. One time, with a few scratches, maybe another time with a litter of puppies or kittens, and another time with a new collar! In the past decade, my relationship with ROOR has been similar. Here today, gone the next. Well a new era of ROOR has started. Sometime late last year I received a phone call from a ROOR representative asking if I'd be interested in carrying ROORs made under direct supervision of I said of course! Well now nearly 10 months later... Kulture is proud to announce the return of ROOR to our shelves! The structure of ROOR in the USA is still a bit confusing to me. Everyone wants to know, so I'll give it my best. Suite G distribution is the manufacturer of ROORs that are made in the United States. Natural Expansion is the sister company for Suite G, they make all accessories and collab with ROOR when making their own customs. German ROOR products are available, but the cost of shipping and risk of items being held or confiscated by US Customs makes it an non sustainable venture. Of course everyone still answers to Martin at As for US made customs/kustoms, ESP and Martin's son Marc are doing the sections right now and there's word that Cowboy is also on board. Look for some customs next week. As for now we have both 45x5mm beakers and straights in 14" and 18". We also picked up some 50x7mm tubes in the familiar green label. We were abel to acquire some limited edition 7mms with Dizzy labels, Scribble labels, and the Mellow orange and yellow label. All limited editions are numbered.

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