The Debowler

The Debowler is a novel item. An ashtray with a built in poker! I'd seen metal ashtrays with cork knockers at the tobacconist years ago. I've even had glass ashtrays with corks made for Kulture. The Debowler goes one step further. The Debowler comes with a built in cleaning tool er, poker. This poker/ashtray combination sure comes in handy! Just invert your pipe and use the built in poker. The ashes fall directly into the ashtray. They come in a variety of colors as well. Some of the solid colors are yellow, red, purple, blue, black, grey white and green. There are also some clear colors available. I spotted green, blue, orange, and true clear. Warning from the manufacturer: This product is very sharp and may cause serious injury. Keep away from children, pets, and poorly coordinated people to avoid injury. To avoid fire hazard do not leave burning material in the Debowler.  

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