Toro Restock 13/7's Circ to Circ's and Fixed Stems

Toro water pipes continue to put out some of the most popular pipes in the world. All without a website and minimal online presence. If you're wondering where to buy Toro water pipes, look no further. Kulture just got an order in! Just a handful of Toro Circulators, some Toro mini single chamber fixed stems and the ever popular Toro 13 arm. The 13/7's are back! No armless trees at all! A few nice touches are added to a select few of the Toros. One 13/7 has a section done by Trevor and another has a faceted foot and lip. One Circ to Cir also has a faceted mouth. JP was nice enough to even blast one of the fixed stem minis with Kulture's logo. Love the look of it, thanks! Kulture's logo up top and a bake on label of Toro's cursive logo on the back! There is also a Toro Trash Bubbler. Which is a Trashcatcher with a mouthpiece arm attachment and a cap. This allows the Trashcatcher to function as either an ash catcher or a bubbler. The Trashbub has a faceted maria on the down stem and a faceted foot.

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