Gypsys and Thieves Original Streetwear Brand

What a throwback! If you were a teen or in your twenties during the Nineties and you were into skating, graffiti, raving or just street wear in general, you hopefully remember Gypsys & Thieves or GAT. While the styles and designs that came out of 90's are being rehashed by kids who were born during that decade, Gypys & Thieves lived it and are putting out some fresh new designs. Kulture picked up two of their new tees. First up is a design spurred by the BP oil spill and mashes up the British Petroleum helios and Sherwin Williams classic, albeit environmentally irresponsible "Cover the Earth" tag line. Second up is the smoking toaster or "Toasted" t-shirt. This is a classic 90's look, humorous, cartoony, with an anthropomorphic toaster.  I am glad to see GAT make a comeback. Tight designs and commendations coming from both the Hundreds and Crooks and Castles' camps. Available at all Kulture locations!

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