Sheldon Black Smokeware @ Kulture 2010

Kulture no longer stocks Sheldon Black water pipes due to unforeseen circumstances. We now carry our own brand of water pipes which cover the basics, like straights, beakers, dome percs, tree percs, UFO percs and inlines. Check out  Kulture water pipes in our online store. If your are looking for scientific pipes with innovative percolation may we suggest Toro water pipes4.0 Glass water pipesMobius Glassworks water pipes, and Termini Tubes. All are very comparable in terms of quality to Sheldon Black water pipes. We wrapped up our sale on Sheldon Black Smokeware just in time to receive some new items from SB's 2010 line. What's new? Well, we got in Sheldon Black's line of worked slides, some new bubblers, new water pipes, as well as some Sheldon Black clothing and SB logo ash trays. We also restocked some of the line's most popular styles, all featuring new colors on his signature bake on label and new frosted label styles such as Cubano, which is reminiscent of a cigar wrapper and the oh so money Scrilla! For slides we picked up some of Mike Fro's Punnel bowls. These were designed exclusively for Sheldon Black. The idea is they're a cross between a push and a funnel or martini bowl. There are also some other nice colored slides in many different shapes. They're invoiced with the names Hourglass Bowl, Sphere Bowl, and Punch Bowl. Some of the Punch Bowls have 6 sided paddle facets. A nice touch I think! If you've seen or have been lucky enough to enjoy one of Sheldon Black's Dubblers, let me introduce you to the it's single chamber counterpart, the Sheldon Black Chubbler. Notice the pull carb and where the mouth piece attaches. It's on the bottom! How? An upstem in the center of the tree perc connects to the bottom chamber. This allows you use the pull carb for completely dry clearing! It makes for easy cleaning as well! Shown with Shawn Daddy Custom slides, pull and mouthpiece.Shown with Shawn Daddy Custom slides, pull and mouthpiece. Some of Sheldon Black's other new additions are the SB microfilter line. These not only replace the LUX line we are all used to, but there are some serious upgrades available. These come in the form of 5 arm removable downstems, pull carbs and a variety of tubing diameters. The pull carbs double as filling ports and clean outs. We all know what a hassle it can be to clean a double or triple chamber! Wondering where to buy sheldon black smokeware? Available at Kulture 1-888-SMOKE-03

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