Yesterday we got our first shipment in from Contrabasso. If you didn't know before, well now you will know. Contrabasso is from New Mexico and has been working as a glass blower for the past decade. He is mostly self taught which comes as a huge surprise once you view the quality of his work. After some bad experiences there he made the move to Oregon. It wasn't long before he started to work with Hamm in his studio, pushing his work to another level. Over the years the two have been producing sick pieces together. Lucky enough for us, we were able to pick up these gems for you. First we got what may be the smallest stemless bubbler I've ever seen. This piece is seriously the size of a sea horse. How he managed to pull this one off I still don't know. We also got this sick heady bubbler. The fixed stem goes from the base and passes through a donut hole in the center of the pipe (which has a nice worked section) and then attaches to a fixed bowl. We also picked up a 14mm slide for good measure. Kind of brain looking...  

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