New Bubblers, Spoons, Shurlys, and Slides From Ace

We just received our first shipment from the glass artist known as Ace. Traditionally speaking, an ace is the highest card in a deck of playing cards. For those that are new to her work I'm sure you'll find her work to be "ace's high" We picked up several sherlocks, spoons, bubblers and slides. Style seems to be the focus with her work, and thus we have several different styles to choose from. You may find her glassblowing style similar to Pakoh's. Well they have done some collabs and apparently are pretty close. With this order everything from skulls to deer and even guns can be seen etched in to the glass pipes Ace makes. The one's blasted with the ever popular owl are sure to go fast. So get yours before they are gone. Our customers have been waiting for anything with owls and well, you requested 'em and now we got 'em!  

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