Luke Wilson Water Pipes

 Luke Wilson is an innovator in the scientific glass pipe scene and these water pipes are a glimpse into the future of scientific glass. You've probably already seen Luke's 6 arm and 10 arm bubblers at Kulture. Maybe you've picked up one of his lay back inlines. Well if you're wondering where to buy Luke Wilson's new water pipes! Wonder no more! Kulture's got them and we're really excited to offer you Luke Wilson's Leisure Glass water pipes!

We got enough to go around to all stores, but these are hot!!! So don't sleep, because these took a while to get and we don't know when the next shipment will be! There are 3 styles available right now. These are all about diffusion! And the prices are too legit, very easy to buy. First we have straight tubes with big joints and 10 arm welded down stems. Then beakers with big joints and 10 arm welded down stems. Finally we got some beakers with big joints, these have gridded diffuser down stems that have another welded 5 arm tree downstem inside it! Where does he come up with this stuff? Shit's ridiculous! All Luke Wilson tubes come with disc diffused screen slides. Watch for Leisure Ltd 14/19 6 arm tree diffusers and disc diffused screen slides in the next couple weeks!

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