Antho & Shawn Daddy Formerly Of The ROOR USA Kustom Shop

ROOR USA's Kustom shop was a mystery to much of the outside world. Only close to it's end, did the glass blowers who were behind the Kustoms come to light. Many of us thought maybe Opas was behind it all. Turns out Antho, Shawn Daddy and his brother were the glassblowers producing almost all of the customs for ROOR and LUX pretty much anonymously. Well the Kustom shop is closed, but the blowers behind it are still producing. Shawn and Antho continue to work together and are still close to the former ROOR crew (Sheldon Black). Shawn's brother Tyler appears to be working with Honalee. Can't wait to see some of those Honalee Kustoms! In a conversation with Antho, he told me "Shawn Daddy learned that OG style back in the Snodgrass days, when there were no styles". Shawn started teaching Antho that style around 6 years ago and when the ROOR shop closed, the two of them decided to get on the hustle and bring the style back "cuz nobody does it anymore, and it's a part of the early to mid 90's" Antho concluded. The OG stye is a mix of fuming and surface work, with multiple layers of colored dots and lines. Pure chaos. Kulture picked up a nice mix of items from the two. From Antho we picked up a few spoons, some drys and a bunch of bubblers. Some of the bubs are gravity or natural perc bubs, meaning they're stemless. These come standard with glass on glass (GonG) slides. A couple of the bubblers have diffys, removable arm mouthpieces, and slides all GonG.  Nice features for bubblers, no clogged down stems and you can easily dump the ashes. Antho also set us up with some worked removable mouthpiece and slide sets that fit to upgrade Sheldon Black's bubblers, chubblers or doublers. There are two sets in OG style and another done with line work. Shawn Daddy sent us some of his line of heady montage, window work pieces. These have multiple layers of work, windows, surface work, marbles and encased opals. You really don't see this kind of work nowadays, something to get lost in while staring at! We got 3 of Shawn's montage drys, a sherlock, a cob and a sidecar. Kulture also got a couple of montage mouthpiece, slide, and marble stopper sets for Sheldon Black's chubblers or doubblers. These are some serious upgrades!

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