Vriptech Bridges The Gap Between Water Pipes and Vaporizers

People always think I must have some crazy collection of glass pipes. I have a glass collection. It's not crazy, but my vaporizer collection kind of is! I almost exclusively vape, so I've tried and purchased many vaporizers. The first I tried was the original vapir back in 2002, then volcano in 2004. A number of box style vaporizers after that. A couple years ago the revolutionary portable i-inhale made my favorites list and then Magic flight just recently. Well I just realized I should have been using Vriptech's products the whole time! Vriptech has been around since 1999 and is the creator of the Superior Vaporization Technique. I recently picked up one of Vriptech's Vaporization Heat Wands (VHW) and let me tell you, this is my new favorite Vaporizer for home use. There's no need for a whip, bags, balloons, etc! I just attached the slide (Vaporization Chamber Bowl) to Vriptech's perc'd water pipe (Vaporization Water Tool Perk), placed the VHW in it's glass stand, plugged it in and we were in business. I chose to use Vriptech's Vaporization Water Tool Perk for this review, but it works with any water pipe. It has a pretty unique design. At first look it appears to have an inverted dome perc, but upon closer inspection I'd call this a cross between a shower head and a disc perc. It also has an ice catcher and a bent neck, you just don't see too many lazy boy style water pipes. I like it. It's got tons of diffusion! You have to pull the tube a little slower than with combustion, but it's well worth it. The vapor is cooled and the typical dryness that's typical of vapor is eliminated. There's another Vaporization Water Tool available as well. Vriptech's Pro-Model. This comes with the option of using a glass on glass (GonG) fitting or a 12mm grommeted bowl. No perc, but it still has an ice catcher and the bent neck. The wand's heating element has the quickest warm up times I've ever seen, less than a minute! The element is also shielded by glass, so you'll never inhale air that's touched the element! Why is this important? Well ceramic heating elements are actually "alumina ceramic" or "aluminum ceramic" heating elements and there are growing concerns of aluminum as a health risk. While the temperatures required for vaporization of alumina and aluminum are higher that what you'll achieve with a vaporizer, why not reduce your risk? Isn't that why your using a vaporizer in the first place? Bottom line is Vriptech's Vaporization Heat Wand is awesome! You can use it with any water pipe! I see myself ditching a couple of my box vapes and picking up another water pipe really soon!
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