T-Funk Connection At Kulture

Just got in a small order of 19mm glass on glass (GonG) slides from T-Funk. His name makes me think of the D.C. band Trouble Funk. Seeing that T. is a funkateer, maybe he gets down to Go-Go as well. Like Trouble Funk, T's currently dropping the bomb here. His "painting" and Fillacello work is off the chain right now. He credits Scott Deppe and Banjo for much of his skill and inspiration. You can definitely see the influence those two have on T-funk. The Filla! Those horns! Some artist name or title their work. These just came with descriptions, so I went ahead and gave them names.   This one I named Quint Squint because of his eyes of five. He has excellent eyesight and a couple of beautiful amber purple horns. Hopefully some loving person can see past his dental issues! Button Eye is a special needs child. He former foster family couldn't afford an eye transplant so they used some old coat buttons. He's got some nice double sided filla sections on his horns, Plus there's a bonus wigwag disc section and an opal on his flip side! Last up is Melty. He's still in the embryonic state. His horns have grown, and he's developed an opal on his back, but we're not sure if the rest will ever develop. He may be stuck in a quadruple reversal state.

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