FYC, Fuck Your Crew, Fuck Your Copper

You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you, don't you? Well it's not. The water pipes on the other hand are probably aimed at someone's crew. FYC pipes have usually been collabs between JP of Toro and Slinger. With this batch it's clear who was involved... JP, Snic, and Sling. Even if each piece didn't have FYC, Snic and Sling deeply etched into the glass, hopefully you could tell. The fixed stem tubes are clearly the work of JP, the man himself. The etching is by Sling, who brought the Graal technique to the pipe game. With FYC on it, the electroform better be by Snic. He's the first to electroform a pipe as far as I know. You've got three innovators collaborating, who's gonna fuck with that?! Now we've had FYC's in before. Let's see we had the FYC Al Capone, the FYC Morton Assault Girl and damn I can't seem to remember the last one. Anyway, they're rare and come few and far between. Well take your pick today. We've got Mayan glyphs, Dali clocks, skulls, skulls with crowns , CCTV/USA Swiss Army and the famous Starbucks FYC logo.  

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