New Glass From Meson

Mesons are the glue of the universe, holding subatomic particles together tightly. Glassblower Meson's glass is simply tight! After a suggestion from Trikky, Meson contacted Kulture. I spoke with him for around an hour and concluded we'd like to do business. Meson told me he's just 21 and has always had a fascination with color. He got his start in glassblowing making beads in his basement around the time he was 16. A few years later he started working with boro and doing hollow lampwork. He now resides in Southern Oregon and is working and learning from some great artists such as Eusheen, Banjo, Calm, Cowboy, Clinton, Natey, Shen and Chaz. We picked up a huge stemless bubbler, which to Meson is one of his biggest accomplishments. This may be a rare collectors item one day! My faves are the lapped smoking stones. Doing lapidary work is one of his new interests. The black scorpion-like dry piece and the China Black and Shen honeycomb peace pipe are sure to go fast. There are plenty of small drys and spoons to go around too. All are currently available in Richmond.

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