Why The VaporTower Vaporizer Is The Best Box Style Vaporizer

The VaporTower has a number of features that make it my pick for the best box style vape. My favorite feature is the whip. The whip's filling chamber unscrews revealing two screens that allow you to spread the vape material out evenly and then suspends the material you're vaporizing above the heating element. This design is similar to the Volcano's filling chamber. This is truly innovative for a box style whip, but seems like common sense to me! Heat rises! Gravity falls! I just hate how every other vaporizer hand kit on the market has an open end, everything tends to fall out. The Vapor Tower's filling chamber has two silicone hand grips as well. This allows you to handle it while it's still hot. My second favorite feature I like is the upright design. Like I said before, heat rises. Have you ever seen an oven range that heats from the side? Me neither! Then why are so many box vapes sideways? I think it's because most are just copycat designs, no originality. Another great detail is the VaporTower's hollow ceramic heating element. This allows for greater airflow, very important for convection heat vaporization which relies on a heated air. The heating element tends to heat up faster than many others on the market as well. VaporTower's maufacturer stands behind their product, as it's one of a small group vaporizer manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty on their ceramic heating element. The VaporTower is made in the USA which means a lot. Manufacturers in the US tend to have better practices when it comes to the materials they use and concern for the health of their consumer. I almost forgot to mention the power switch! Some vapes use the temperature dial as on/off switch as well. Having a separate switch for power allows you set you're desired temperature and keep it where you like it use after use. No need to find it every time! You can buy the VaporTower vaporizer at any of Kulture's Virginia Locations. Kulture sells the Vapor Tower at the same price as the manufacturer's website.

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