Take a "Magic Flight"

Recently, we got a call from a former Kulture employee living out in Colorado. He had just recently gotten back from a small convention and wanted to share his newest find with us. It's called "magic flight" and is a personal vaporizer that can truly go anywhere. So after giving the manufacturer a call, we learned Kulture would be the first shop on the East Coast to carry the Magic Flight Launch Box. This little vape pipe is made of wood and is about 2.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. It comes with little plastic mouth piece and a nice sliding cover. How does it work you ask? Well the answer is simple, it runs on a single battery. Simply insert the rechargeable AA battery into the side until you see a little light come on and thats it! I would recommend finely grinding your tobacco before using the "Magic Flight." Simply place your tobacco into the center valley, close the sliding cover, and then insert your battery. Within seconds you are ready to vape! We find the best way to control the vaporizer, is to use the battery as an on/off switch. Just pull the battery out a little in between uses. Each "magic flight" comes in a tin case with a carrying pouch, two batteries, and a plugin wall charger. We chose to keep one for our employees to try and they have become a staff favorite. We're sure you'll like the functionality, portability and price of the Magic Flight Launch Box! Buy the Magic Flight Launch Box online now!

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