Another shipment of US Tubes arrived today! I really like US Tube products. With this order they truly hold their weight. US Tubes is 100% American Made, just the way Kulture likes it. They also make everything in house. No outsourcing here! The first thing I always notice about US Tubes is how clean all the work is. Being a minimalist I like seeing nothing is being over decorated or over produced. It's very much a take on the "what you see is what you get" idea on production. The function being the focus and the measure by which the piece is graded. These earn an A in my book. First we got a some 9mm thick ice pinched straight water pipes that come with a beefed up 24mm joint and a 24 to 19mm diffused downstem. Next we have several 9mm thick ice pinched 4 arm tree perc pipes that have a splash guard sitting a top the tree perc. These come with the same hefty joints and diffusers the 9mm straight pipes do. Lastly we got some pill pottle ash catchers. These are available in both 24mm and 19mm.


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