Brandon Martin

Today we got some sick new glass. This one was kept top secret and it appears it was well worth the surprise. After tearing through some boxes we came across Brandon Martin's newest glass pipes and slides. This group is a testament to why Brandon won breakout artist of the year. First up, we got a bird dry piece that is worked with several colors and comes with an implosion marble that is held in between it's wings. The piece is perched on a custom holder and goes perfect next to our next piece. We grabbed a natural perk bubbler that  has several natural elements in it's design. The colors are vibrant and the piece comes with a display holder as well. Either way you choose, you can't go wrong, both would make a great display piece for anyones collection! Last but not least we picked up a series of sea creature slides. They're a mix of both 14mm and 19mm. These slides remind me of The Little Mermaid creatures, or is it the Land Before Time???      

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May 20, 2010

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