Green Glass Clean

Kulture no longer stocks Green Glass Clean. We now carry our own brand of cleaner called Kleen. Check out Kulture Kleen in our online store. The most popular pipe cleaners cannot be used on plastic. I know Formula 420 makes an acrylic cleaner, but honestly it will still mess up your pipe if you leave it in there for more than a minute. So... When the guys at Gravity Vortex told me about their official cleaner - Green Glass Clean, an all natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaner, I decided to give it a try. I ordered some for all Kulture locations, and gave a couple bottles away. I took a bottle home too. I called up a friend with a Gravity Vortex and asked him if he'd like it cleaned. "Of course!" he said. The directions called for 1oz of cleaner to be be mixed with 2oz of water. So I made a 1:2 solution. To fill the Vortex, I used most of the bottle and filled the remaining part with warm water. We plugged  the carb and let it sit in the sink over night. It worked quite well. The real problem was getting the tar out of the Vortex's small holes. What a pain! Bottom line, the Gravity Vortex isn't designed to be cleaned.  I decided to also try it out on some small glass parts and accessories. I grabbed a pint glass and a shot glass and went to work making the 1:2 solution. I dropped in some diffusers, slides and a Helix ash catcher. I decided to try a pipe brush on the Helix A/C and I had it clean in seconds. So it works fast with a  little assistance. I left for work and checked the rest once I got home. I pulled out a diffy and ran it under some hot water. Most of the tar washed out, but not all. So I grabbed the brush and gave it a quick wipe out. Same for the rest of the pieces, worked well but not as well as GO Super Soaker. So I grabbed the bottle of cleaner and upped the solution's ratio to around 1:1. I dug out some other dirty slides and one of my prized Hammulets. I left them in overnight and gave them a rinse in the morning. It seemed to work better, but still not as well as I needed. For plastic, this seems to be a great choice, but as a glass head... I don't see myself keeping Green Glass Clean around the house. I'll stick to Kleen for soaking and F420 for the quick clean.

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