MunkyPaw's New Bates Style Perc Tubes

We just picked up some more MunkyPaw tubes from Virginia's own Glass Munky. MunkyPaw's are collabs between Glass Munky and Paw. Munky does the color work and PAW does the lathe work. For those unfamiliar with PAW, he's scientific latheworker that worked at illadelph and for SYN for several years prior. This time we got some from their new scientific line of water pipes. We picked up a grip of MP's version of Bates style perc'd tubes. Last time we didn't even these onto the shelves before they sold. Each pipe is 18" tall has fixed stem and has a worked pierced hole ufo diffused perc that traverses a disc perc. They all also come with a matching slide. Try wrapping your head around that! Better yet run down and take a dry run! We look forward to more Glass Munky and Paw's Munky Paw collab creations.

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