New Heady Glass From Ghost Freeek & MNP

Even while on vacation I was still working. I got an email about some heady glass that was available. This is what it takes to ensure Kulture provides the best glass available. We work around the clock and even on vacation... I have to say, it was well worth it. We got in some work from 3 of my favorite glassblowers!

Freeek, who deservedly won Artist of the Year at the 2010 Functional Glass Industry Awards has been a long time fave at Kulture. All of his previous work here has sold and I miss a couple of them dearly. Well we now have 3 sick new drys and an 18mm brain slide to gawk at. All the drys fit nicely in the hand, have nice big carb holes and a Freeek sig marble. First up is a horned, black standup shurly. It has 4 long tentacles that wrap from the back to the front, a few smaller horns, and 2 of Freeek's signature brains, 1 on either side. There's a Rasta themed fillacello disk on the mouthpiece to top it off. It's like something H.R.Giger might dream up.  Next is as close as we might get to a replacement to my favorite Freeek piece that Kulture previously held. It's red and has 3 horns on one side and multiple smaller ones positioned on the neck. It's rounded out with two brains and a fillacello shield. Last up on for the drys is a beauty with a brain, three tentacles and fillacello disk. What more could you ask for in a woman... er pipe? 


Next up is Ghost. Ghost is a VIP to Kulture. Our "mascot" alien was made by him. He's been with us a long time and we'll never sell him! I just love Ghost's new stuff!!! We we're lucky enough to aquire a dry and a slide. They both have a combination of Ghost's signature skull work and some reversals! Plenty horns, plenty color and plenty Ghost! I just love it when an artist does something unexpected and throws us for a loop like he did with those reversals!


Last up is one of MNP's oil rigs. It's from the Blasterville series. It stands around 9 inches tall and is fumed silver. Geometric shapes are blasted throughout and with all those horns.... It reminds me of a dinosaur. Maybe a triceratops, or the Loch Ness Monster!

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