Glycerin Jackets by: SOUR

The day started with electrical work and a new chandelier hung in the foyer. It then made a change for the strange as we unpacked the new shipment of Sour Glass. All the tubes were legit and the order was correct, however something was missing. Quickly we realized that a trip to the store was in order. We needed to get some glycerin for the new "Glycerin Jacket" water pipes, as they came shipped with just the coloring. With the help of 2 injectors and a coffee cup full of clear glycerin, the tubes were brought to life. We have six 12inch beaker style all with different colored glycerin sleeves and diffused downstems. We also picked up two sets of 20 inch pipes in straight or bubble style with scientific bases. These are great for those that tend to spill or tip and all have a diffused downstem. Stop by Downtown Kulture today and get yours before they are all gone.  

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