April Brings SYN Showers

We are all familiar with the saying "April showers bring May flowers", and today this is certainly the case. A shipment of SYN water pipes arrived and as always, we hand picked the nicest selections for our customers. First up we have two fixed stems with 18 arm tree percs and ice pinches. One is all clear tubing with a monochrome label. The other has a sick worked disc section atop the tree perc, a worked band section and a colored lip on the mouth piece. But this time it's all about the shower head or shower cap percs and making it rain. We have two with worked shower head percs with an ice pinch. These are not only nice to look at, but are so smooth to pull and are surely a new favorite. The worked sections are a colab between Fat Mike and Dawnk. We also picked up some of SYN's new double chambered shower head water pipes. They have two shower head percs and a splash guard with ice pinch. Lastly, we grabbed what we've titled the "rocket" pipe. It's a triple chambered SYN with three shower head percs. For years now SYN has been producing innovative pipes and this order certainly showcases some of their best work.

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