DJ Barnacles – Ragoom II Presented by Smooth Dirty Productions & Kulture

Growing up South Florida I was introduced to the deep tracks and roots of Reggae at a young age. The source was the late, great Clint O'Neil's "Sounds of the Caribbean" radio show. It aired late night, 5 times a week, from 1977-1997!  Sometimes I'd pick up tapes at the Swap Shop or this other spot, Rankin Records. The guys at the Swap Shop had the sweetest radio. It was an old metal Jerry gasoline can that held a car battery, a car's tape deck, and two speakers. I'd tell them I was looking for something like Beres Hammond or Brigadier Jerry. They'd pick the tape, stick it in the deck, acknowledge that it was a solid track and start grooving. I always got a kick out of them! DJ Barnacles latest mix, Ragoom II brings me back to those days. Barnacles is at the controls and gives us a solid mix of Roots, Dub, and Reggae classics. The blends are deft, the drops well chosen and sparse enough to keep your head at ease. Click on the album cover or the link below for the MP3! The mix >>>DJ Barnacles – Ragoom II The tracklisting Jah Lion – Columbia Colly (Dub) The Silvertones – Rejoice Jah Jah Children Morwells – Kingston 12 Toughie (Disco Version & Dub) Liberators – Never Run Away Lloyd Lovindeer – Jook Them DEB Players – Thunder (Dub) Black Uhuru – Satan Army Band The Heptones – Mama Say (Album & Dub) Twinkle Brothers – Jah Jah Beat Them Burning Spear – Old Marcus Garvey Exuma – Come Together Yabby You – Deliver Me From My Enemies (Album & Dub) Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – FireThe Mighty Maytones – Cantankerous Don Carlos – Harvest Time Winston Hussey – Fight War Again Prince Brothers – Charmaine (Album & Dub) Jackie Brown – Poorman Portion Phyllis Dillon – Don’t Touch Me Tomato (Album & Dub) The Slickers – Johnny Too Bad Prince Far I – Johnny Get Worse The Melodians – Dub On Little Girl (Dub) Scotty – Draw Your Brakes King Tubby Meets Vivian Jackson – Repatriation Rock (Dub) George Decker – Time Hard The crew>>>Double Standard Crew The mix >>>DJ Barnacles – Ragoom II The other sponsor>>>Smooth Dirty Productions

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