4/20/10 w/ Salt & Jag

Tuesday brought with it the holiday known as 420. This year we had two of the top artists in the game come through our South location. Both Jag & Salt arrived the night before ready to hit up some RVA night life. As discussions were underway about the upcoming event we couldn't help but notice something in the air. We paused and felt it was best to regroup at the shop and work out security measures for 420. Gathered around we held a safety meeting, after which boxes began to jiggle and move. Stunned we watched as sharp points slowly ripped through the packaging tape. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap began to spill out onto the floor. Within seconds it was too late, we were surrounded by the subconscious creations of both Jag & Salt. Lucky for us they were friendly and joined forces in making 420 a joyful day. After spending the night we agreed to keep them safe and have now placed them on display (for sale). Doubt they can cut through glass, but hurry before they try.  

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