New Line Of Water Pipes From 2010bc

Kulture no longer stocks 2010 water pipes. We now carry our own brand of water pipes which cover the basics, like straights, beakers, dome percs, tree percs, UFO percs and inlines. Check out  Kulture water pipes in our online store. If your are looking for scientific pipes with innovative percolation may we suggest Toro water pipes4.0 Glass water pipesMobius Glassworks water pipes, and Termini Tubes.  
Tube companies seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Kulture prides itself on carrying the ones that aren't. You won't find Chinese blanks, Mexican imports or other janky ass glass there. 2010bc is the latest addition to Kulture's top-notch lineup. Two Thousand Ten bc uses all 18mm joints, which is a good sign of a premium company. Secondly when we unwrapped the order the glass looked clear and glossy. No fingerprints, kiln dust or other dirt & debris, common amongst companies that lack in skill and quality control. Third, the sections on the worked pipes are clean. No bubbles, sloppy wig-wags or incalmos. There are also lines  marked on each chamber that'll assist you in find your ideal water level. Lastly they've got some uniquely designed diffys and slides. The slides have 4 holes and remind me of an iron cross. The 2010bc line consists of The Lowrider which is around 16 inches and has a diffused downstem, a circ style dome perc, and a d-cut splash guard. They are availble in clear or with a disc section on the base and a worked upstem in the dome. The worked ones are also available as a 14" mini beaker as well. There are a variety of Lego style pipes available as well. The bubbler you see just below was listed as "Top Hat" style on the invoice and comes with a modular circ style perc, a bottom disc section and a worked section on the mouth piece. Available at all locations!

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