We like glass. OK, we love glass and this story is nothing short of "trikky" if I don't dare say. They say that sometimes all it takes is finding your passion, or it finding you and the rest is history. They also say that everyone has a gift, something they are put here to do. Without getting too deep, Trikky has been on his quest and I'd say he has found his way! A little more than a year ago Trikky started blowing glass doing hollow production work. He quickly learned that this style wasn't for him and soon found himself in the North Bay area of CA. It's here where he began taking lessons and later working alongside Eusheen. We are pleased to have just received our first shipment from Trikky. We picked up several select dry pieces all with great transitional color pallets. We also were able to get a multiple color pull bubbler he's dubbed Ziggy Stardust because of a final coat of Blue Stardust, which gives the whole bub a glitter and glam appeal. There are plenty of slides to go around as well. Trikky may be new to the game, but we foresee great things from him in the future. I'd suggest you start collecting him now before he invents something in his year, you never know with this guy! Available at all locations!

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