Kulture Just Got A Case Of Glass From Voorhees

I've been in contact with Nick, here and there since we met in December. I recently got around to picking up some glass from him. Nick somewhat recently relocated from the Mid-West to the sunny California coast. He is currently sharing shop space with Christina Cody. It seems Cody's style has influenced some of Nick's newer work, as you can see above. Look for a CC restock soon, hopefully we'll get some collabs from the two as well! Below are of some of my favorites! There's an interesting carved face sherlock. The face is situated on the bottom, but the piece comes with a display stand which changes the orientation. It gives you a whole new viewpoint on the pipe! Next up is my favorite piece. The carved face dagger spoon. It's got a long red feather-like appendage that would make a nice letter opener, but who gets letters? The carved bird spoon is a hefty piece, and a signature shape for Voorhees. Speaking of signatures... Voorhees has got to be one the best. Whether it's a Ti scribe or an etching pen, his sigs are always clean and clearly read! More pipes and slides from Voorhees  are available in our online store.    

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