Confessing Another SYN

Is it a SYN to collect glass? Or, is it a SYN not to? We have been committing and confessing our SYN's for while now. The question is have you?  If not, you're in luck because today we got some pieces that will have you on your knees. We picked up a nice collection of three unique shower head percolated water pipes. All have a fixed stem, a splash guard, ice pinch and a worked section shower cap. We have them in the following colors: red, yellow, and blue. We also picked up some new single and dual disc waffle perc straight pipes with ice pinches. These are currently the staff selection, because the clean design and smooth filtration created by the waffle discs. Little drag and a smooth pull are always a plus, no need to confess while being all choked up! Slide by El Hefe not included

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Apr 05, 2010
Apr 05, 2010

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