What it DEW?

Well spring has sprung and so has DEW. Over the weekend we got a shipment of new pieces and the timing couldn't have been better. Spring fever has struck us all and thus we have been cleaning and making room for the new. For those that are fans of bubblers your gonna like this update. We received several worked bubblers that are sure to impress. First up we have an 80's designed rainbow on black standup bubbler with a fillacello shield. This has a classic retro feel that I remember seeing as a kid and enjoy seeing these colors used together today. Next we have an amber purple standup bubbler with a retticello shield section. I'm compelled to title this piece "the midnight rambler" after the Rolling Stones song. Something about it says, night use only. A personal favorite is the Fire & Havana Moon colored layback bubbler with a dichro galaxy and opal. This double bubbler has a pierced diffuser and a style that unique. Im thinking some sorta bicker patch. Don't ask! We also picked up a switched axis incalmo. Similar to the Chris Carlson double bubbler, this "switched axis" is created when two separate worked sections are formed together on a angle. Last we picked up a single rasta brown funky sherlock style dry pipe. Color is sick and the curves are kickin! Something I like in both my pipes and my women! Haha, it's Spring!!!

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