Oakland's Blue Sun Studios

There are quite a few things I love. Pop Art is one, Pop Culture is another. The artists at Blue Sun Studios fulfill both for me. Koji's 1up slides are a bit of nostalgia for anyone who grew up playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo. You don't need one hundred coins either... unless you're picking up a dome set! Zingiber's Chuck slides and Sneaker Tokes are sure shot classics. There's something about Chucks that is so ingrained in Pop Culture. I mean they never change and never go out of style. Zingiber's spin on the iconic shoes are available in black or white and as a slide or a pipe. Another nice little bit of nostalgia for me are Zingiber's steer head skull slides. They're done in a Southwestern style colorway. If you survived the Nineties you ought to remember the craze. My parent's had the family room done in that style. The colors also happen to match a number of Toro's labels. A match made in Heaven, I say! Rounding up the order are some fillacello slides from Koji and some fully worked ash catchers from the third member of the studio, Je$ter. These came to Kulture in downtown Richmond. Demand them at our other locations!    

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