New TORO March 2010

Without any question we all are quite aware of the Toro water pipe brand name. For years now the company has continued to push forward in development. Smart companies are not afraid to experiment with new concepts and explore new designs. Personally, I find it refreshing and what is most intriguing about any business. That being said TORO has yet again created a new product for it's fans, and we are pleased to have just received a shipment. We picked up three stemless disc diffused straight water pipes, each has a ice pinch and comes with a TORO pinched bowl. This line is proving to be a quick favorite and has one of the nicest disc diffusers seen to date. Next we got two fixed stem armless tree perc pipes. We had these awhile back and this time it looks as though not only have they increased the size of the tubing, the overall appearance seems to be a bit beefed up. One has a armless tree and the other has a circulator diffuser. We received several ash catchers in this order, circs, 8 arms, and armless trees. Some with matching logos for those that like to keep it all matched up! Above all I would have to say the standing ovation goes to TORO's new Big J bent neck pipes. These are fresh and are going to be sold as a kit. Which means you ask??? Well, these pipes come with not only a regular circ attachment, they also come with a seven arm tree atop a chubbler. The choice is yours when it comes to this series, and if you own one of these you already made the most important choice!  

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