How to Determine if You've Committed a SYN

Are you unable to focus on other brands? Or have you called in sick to work just to spend the day with your piece? Losing sleep? Nightmares of breaking your baby? If this sounds like you, then most likely you've committed a SYN! Well we hope our new shipment can ease your stress and give you that enjoy a life of SYN validation so needed. We picked up SYN's new pierced hole diffused double chambered beaker with 8 arm tree perc, ice pinch, and splash guard. This piece has a smooth pull with little to no drag and sure to impress. Next is a Fat Mike inline bubbler with removable bowl. We also were able to pick SYN's line of steam rollers that are available in 14mm. SYN has created a new bubbler that is dual chambered with a 4 arm tree in the base followed by a 3 arm mini tree. This is a follow up to the single chambered bubbler recently released. Next we have a set of Fat Mike worked diffusers with matching bowl pieces. Last but not least we got 2 worked mini shower cap diffused straight pipes guaranteed to have you confessing your SYN's.  

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