Bones, Bubblers, Pills, Money Bags and Sling Collabs from JAG

Ran into JAG in Vegas. He was sharing a booth with JOP, Hops, and Tre among others. As you can imagine, this was a popular spot. We got there first thing to get these for you! Our first picks were the Sling/JAG collabs. As with any good collaboration, you get a taste of each artist's style without one outweighing the other. These consist of two pieces, the body of a dry pipe and a Slingtini style slide. Two for one I say! I really like the oil slick/mother of pearl coloring on the slides. The next must have was the black and white bubbler. It stands slender and statuesque, like a sexy storm trooper. We also re-upped on some updated versions of JAG's classics, the pill pipes and the money bags. The money bags are pink! Ladies make money too, and it's ok for guys to like pink! The pills are no longer a one pill cures all. Each problem has it's own pill-pipe solution. Need Love? Diamonds? Medical attention? JAG has you covered! Last but not least, we picked up some JAG's bones. These spinal creations come in the form of slides, sherlocks, and onies.  

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