VA's Glass Munky

Just arriving back from all that was the Vegas trip, I receive a visit from Glass Munky. As we all know VA has been producing "top notch" artists that continue to raise the the industry standard. After chatting it up we got down to business and selected some sick new pieces for our loyal customers. Let's get to it! First up we grabbed a glass on glass bubbler with worked fixed stem diffuser. The diffuser is decorated with horns on the inside. There is a wigwag section on the base with a matching bowl piece. Next we picked up two worked "lay down" style bubblers with inline diffusers and wigwag sectional splash guards. We got two fixed stem ash catchers in both 14mm & 18mm. Both have all the same features as the glass on glass bubbler. We were able to get two more in-line ash catchers with with donut hole splash guards, in both 14mm & 18mm. If spoons are your thing, we have three worked horned retticello spoons with exact detail. After going through a series of slides, I was able to select these two regular worked ones along with two monkey ice pinched bowls. Rounding out the selection I picked up this amazing Munky/Paw collab beaker water pipe with fillacello slide and worked down-stem. This tube has a unique feature know in the industry as the double worked sectional base I filla section on the top and a reversal on bottom. Last but not least is the "new school vs. old school" Munky/Paw collab straight water pipe. There is a worked band section with matching bowl and diffuser. This tube showcases several decorative millies and marbles. There is a unique colored triple donut ice catcher and a crowned mouthpiece. This is nothing short of what we call "display case" material. Look forward to more big things coming out of VA's local industry!

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