Graal Sleeve by Kind

Kulture is excited to be the first to have some of Kind's graal sleeve work. This is a brand new technique, and it's going to be huge! When I spoke to Kind about the reactions of other glassblowers he seemed to be a bit overwhelmed. Rightfully so, he just left a permanent mark on the glassblowing timeline. What is graal sleeve? First let me explain graal a bit. Graal refers to a cold work process done to blown glass. Cold meaning without heat or flame. Right now the most common technique uses a printed image on photoresist paper. The image is then applied to an object of glass and the negative space around the image is sandblasted off. This leaves a bas-relief of the image on the glass. Kind blasts his image onto glass tubing before it's blown and then inserts it into another glass tube (sleeving) and vacuum seals the two together. He then blows the pipe out of the graal sleeved tubing. This is so huge! Congratulations Kind!  

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