Sheldon Black Triple Chamber

Kulture no longer stocks Sheldon Black water pipes due to unforeseen circumstances. We now carry our own brand of water pipes which cover the basics, like straights, beakers, dome percs, tree percs, UFO percs and inlines. Check out  Kulture water pipes in our online store. If your are looking for scientific pipes with innovative percolation may we suggest Toro water pipes4.0 Glass water pipesMobius Glassworks water pipes, and Termini Tubes. All are very comparable in terms of quality to Sheldon Black water pipes.   It's true 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and if the saying is true that all things come in 3's, then were in luck. Today we got a shipment in from Sheldon Black thats sure to be a crowd pleaser. They're Sheldon Black's new triple chambers. They come with dual, 7 arm microfilters (tree percs), and a splash guard. These may look familiar to you and thats cause they are the same design used in the ROOR triple chambers. Ok, we all know by now that ROOR US is done and LUX Scientific has been taken over by Sheldon Black. So if you wanted a ROOR triple or a LUX Triple, these are the same rose by another name. We picked up both the red and platinum labels and in both styles, beaker and straight.

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